800 Watt Portable Generator

Portable generator

I’ve owned this generator for two years and it’s great for light field work. Turn all your electric tools (weed trimmer, hedge trimmer, leaf blower, even electric chain saws) into gas tools. This generator is OEM’ed to a lot of distributors, who then put their own facade on it. The cheapest version appears to be available at Harbor Freight for ~$99.

It’s very robust and endures overload gracefully (it just peters out without any damage.) It’s the antithesis of the previously reviewed Honda EU Series. You could wear out and throw away a lot of these generators for the price of one of the Honda inverter generators. And the electronic Honda’s don’t take even a momentary overload gracefully. A momentary surge from a power tool will trip the Honda’s breakers even if the nominal power of the load is within spec.

-- Bruce Bowen 06/18/10

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