Anniversary for Your Editor

Although my name sits above, someone else has been editing Cool Tools for the past 12 months. Steven Leckart has been coordinating and selecting the reader-written reviews, editing them into clarity, double-checking the purchasing information and scouting out the related items (his idea, too).  Readers of the blog probably haven’t noticed him, because of this back-stage position.  In fact, I’ve only met Steven in person once myself, for 5 minutes in passing; as in the age of the internet, everything is done remotely from our homes. Readers of the weekly email version of Cool Tools (you can sign up here) do see him because the emails come from him, rather than me.

Visible or not, there is more work than appears in keeping this site simple, reliable, efficient and clear. My goal has always been to provide direct recommendations of great stuff, without a lot of distracting noise. Steven has done this with flair and quiet professionalism. He is much more thorough and diligent than I ever was. His day job is a freelance writer, researcher and fact-checker for Wired.

This week is the one year anniversary for Editor Leckart. Would you give him a round of applause, along with a recommendation for great tool that you love (hint hint)? Cool Tools runs on the enthusiasm of readers like you.

He is steveleckart gmail com.