Anti-Steam Ove Gloves


Triple layer heat, flame & steam protection

Oven mitts frequently suffer from design flaws: they may be too flimsy, too clumsy, or simply more decorative than useful. My current favorites are my Anti-Steam Ove Gloves: they’re not very decorative, but boy, are they useful!

They’re constructed like a sandwich: an outer layer of knitted Nomex and Kevlar — just like firefighter suits — with red silicone strips on the palm-side to enhance your grip, a middle layer of latex to protect you from steam burns, and an inner layer of soft cotton next to your skin. They’re very comfortable and flexible, allowing dexterous handling of hot pans. They’re sized generously, so will fit most hands; they’re a little large on my medium-sized hand, but still offer superior dexterity compared to most other oven mitts.

I’ve been using mine for 4 years, and they’re holding up well. They’re machine washable…but don’t put them in the dryer, or the latex layer will disintegrate; just drip-dry them.

Note that they are sold as SINGLE GLOVES, not as a pair, so be sure you’re ordering the correct glove (the link given is for a right-handed glove). I originally bought one for just my dominant hand, but eventually got the other hand a glove of its own; it’s just more convenient (and safer) to have both hands protected. They have a little hanging loop; I hang them on a magnetic hook on my oven door, so they’re handy when I need them. If you are handling *really* hot items (over 540 degrees F), you might consider the Thermobest gloves or the welding gloves reviewed elsewhere on this site, but for the temperatures more commonly encountered in a kitchen, these are great!

-- Barbara Dace 02/14/17