Bluetooth Receiver Streambot


Bluetooth adapter plugs into any powered sound system or earbuds

Over the past two or three years, this Bluetooth receiver has allowed me to listen to tons of podcasts and music while cooking, doing dishes, and anything else where I’m not sitting still. My smartphone is large and heavy, so it’s impractical to keep it in a pocket while moving around. This device is small and light enough to easily hang from a 3.5mm plug.

To use it, you plug any headphones into the device then wirelessly connect it to your smartphone. I loosely wrap my headphone cable around my neck.

Sound quality is good, battery life is fine (about 8 hours on a charge), range is fine. The interface is weird. Whatever. If you like podcasts or want to like podcasts (or music), this gadget could make a big difference in your life.

-- Peter Froud 02/13/17