Big Skinny Wallet


Wallet without the bulk

Big Skinny has redesigned the basic geometry of the wallet to spread out the credit and other cards over multiple pockets. This enables them to maintain a very thin profile which is more comfortable and much easier to carry. Available in a multiple styles for men and women, my preferred model is the Hipster Bifold.

It has four pockets to hold credit cards, license, insurance card, etc. Because the pockets are horizontal, the cards stay lined up against each other as opposed to being fanned out as in most wallets. I carry more than a dozen cards, plus business cards in my wallet and I’m amazed at just how thin it is. This is my second Big Skinny wallet; I only bought the new one because I wanted to switch from nylon to leather

-- Peter Valleau 08/6/12

(Note: It was pointed out in the comments that we have previously reviewed the ALL-ETT Billfold Wallet, which is of a similar design. A majority of readers indicated that they are still very satisfied with their ALL-ETT!-- OH — editors)