Zipshot Mini Collapsible Tripod


Light, collapsible tripod

A lot of photographers have tripods “just in case.” But when you realize that photos (almost) always benefit from a tripod, my rule has become the reverse: always use a tripod unless I just can’t. For my travels, I use a good but small camera – as close to a DSLR as I can get without actually being that big. The tripod I keep attached to it is Tamrac’s ZipShot Mini.

As tripods go, this thing’s not going to jump into anyone’s mind as “the thing to have”. But it’s nine ounces (typo? no!), very small, as easy to use as anything else out there, and my photos are a lot more clear and crisp. The shock-cord legs pop together without effort, and folding it back up again is dang easy.

One of the camera features that lets me use this thing is a screen that flips up; I’m tall, the tripod’s short, this helps a lot. You could also consider the “standard” ZipShot (taller, but not giant). If you realize tripods almost always help your photos, then consider a tripod that’s always there. I’m glad I gave this thing a try.

-- Wayne Ruffner 08/3/12