Bissell SpotBot


Whizzbang pet cleaner

A friend of mine and I were talking on the telephone a year ago when she was just about to clean up after her cat. She told me that she used a Bissell SpotBot to clean up after her cat and that it had made her life a lot easier (not to mention cleaner). After hearing her rave about it I decided to take the plunge and purchase one.

The SpotBot uses a water/cleaning fluid combination to clean a spot about 10-inches in diameter. To clean up a spot, you pick up what you can off the surface of the carpet and then place the SpotBot’s circular brush over the spot. You press a button on the SpotBot and 5-minutes or so later it will have shampooed and brushed the spot away, and you’re done! I’ve been using the SpotBot for a year now and when this one breaks I’ll be getting another one. It has already paid for itself many times over.

-- Stan Smith 08/25/10

(The 1200 A has been replaced by model 338N, which is also well-reviewed on Amazon. -cc — editors)