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Freesia Book Stand

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This is a simple but well-designed book stand that does exactly what it sets out to do. It is sturdy enough to hold big, heavy textbooks, but looks nice. It is impressively adjustable, allowing for nearly any reading angle . Amazingly, despite the ability to hold heavy books, the stand itself is relatively light (around 3 lbs). The stand has an anti-skid coating on the bottoms so that it stays where I put it.

I have had it for several weeks now and have been using it daily. I now wish I had gotten it years ago. It is already decreasing my neck strain while encouraging better posture. I have not directly compared this product to others, as the other stands I looked at didn’t have the same features, including the adjustable angle, wide stand for a place to rest my hand when highlighting, all while being very light-weight. I am not into “uni-taskers,” but this stand is a definite exception!


-- Stephanie Misono 08/26/10

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