Living on the Road

BoxWave VersachargerPro


AC/DC USB converter/charger

The Versacharger is a combo 110V AC and 12V DC USB converter to charge phones, PDAs, and various other electronics. You just purchase additional USB connectors and “tips” as you go for specific gadgets. Even some GPS units can be charged with appropriate voltage transducers.

I’ve used this charger over a year, mostly when I travel — greatly reduces the amount of cables, chargers, wall warts, and misc. I have to tote around. I keep all my devices (GPS, Palm T/X, cell phone) and charger in a small cloth, drawstring bag, along with a Ziploc bag for all the various tips (I use a gold marking pen to write which tip goes with which device).

It’s worth noting, I prefer using the cords manufactured by Syncharger (maker of the previously-reviewed kwikSynCh). As opposed to the designated tips from Boxwave, the Syncharger cords have USB at both ends and you only have to change the “Mtips” for your device, which is both less bulky and less expensive (the Mtips are $7 each; the shorter kwikSynCh is $15 and the retractable Syncharger is $27; compared to the BoxWaves which can run $26). If you only need to charge one device, Boxwave’s bundle price is great, and their miniSync (pic above) gives more flexibility and packs smaller. However, if you need to charge multiple devices, I think the Syncharger cords are much more convenient.

-- Arthur Heafer 04/14/09