Brush for flossing

A “proxabrush” is the offspring of a menage a trois twixt a toothbrush and toothpick [with floss acting perhaps as a voyeur]. I am 63, getting long in the tooth, with increasing gaps between teeth and receding gums. Recently I thought I was headed for four-figure dental work. Instead, my experienced and honest dentist suggested this minibrush. It is marvelous for a thorough cleansing twixt those teeth and wherever it can gain entry. I had spent a lot of time behind the wheel with a toothbrush in my hand and mouth; what I needed to do more of is floss the spaces a typical toothbrush cannot get to. This brush allows me to get deep into crevices and is much easier to use than floss (it’s also used by folks with braces). The good dentist recommended dipping the mini-brush into hydrogen peroxide to really go after Mr. Toothdecay.

Since I started using one, some health has returned to my troubled tooth. I find I’m able to keep my teeth and gums much cleaner that with just brushing or flossing. I can also see these little teeeeny brushes coming in handy for cleaning out some other small spaces.

I have been trying several brands since becoming aware of the genus. Oral B has one with a long handle and another with a two part sliding handle that allows the user to pivot the brush by altering the two part handle — facilitating guiding the tip of the little guy to the proper orifice. When I am on the go in the car I’ve been using the little ones from Dentek that have a cap that slips over the handle end like an old fountain pen, making the implement longer and easier to handle. The cap also keeps it clean when I put it in my pocket or set it down in the car. I’ve noticed there are different sizes with tapered, untapered and cylindrical ones, too. I have not yet tried all the brands or types and am not ready to declare an overall favorite, but am delighted with the search.

-- Marc Levine 04/15/09

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