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Unanswered Questions from Ask Cool Tools

Can you help answer these recent questions from Ask Cool Tools? Comments will be turned off on this entry, so …


Cool Tools Wanted

I’m looking to fill some holes in our coverage. Here are a few questions I hope readers can answer. Comments …


Visual Reference Library

I go to books when I need to stimulate my imagination. Books never fail. I am a visual thinker, even …


Cool Tools Wanted

While working on the Best of Cool Tools book, I’ve collected a bunch of queries that need good tool candidates. …


Northern Tool

Heavy-duty stuff



We have not tried this set up, so can not vouch whether it is a cool tool. It is a …


Factual eBook Review

Download the Universe The Science EBook Review This is pretty good. A site that reviews original science-based long-form factuals on …


Wiha Quality Tools

Manufacturers sometimes deliberately make it difficult to open their products. A common method is to use odd-shaped specialty screws. Without …


Super sensitive digital scale

A reader in Ask Cool Tools was looking for a cheap digital scale that could weigh items to a precision …


Cloning Your Own Mineral Water

You can start with a carbonation water machine, like a SodaStream, Soda-Club, or the previously reviewed home system, and then …



Thingiverse is a swap meet for exchanging digital files for 3D printing of tiny objects, like the stuff for doll …


The Scale of the Universe 2

This is a cool tool for comprehending, appreciating, and demonstrating the scale of our universe. I used to recommend Charles …

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