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While working on the Best of Cool Tools book, I’ve collected a bunch of queries that need good tool candidates. ...

While working on the Best of Cool Tools book, I’ve collected a bunch of queries that need good tool candidates. Please answer if you have a recommendation. We’ve turned off the comments for this posting, so follow the Answer link to the proper Ask Cool Tools thread to answer.

What is the best decent portable metal detector? Not best, not cheapest. (Answer here)

Looking for a good book or website that supplies ergonomic figures for all kinds of activities: best table height, diameter of tool handle, space needed for steering wheel, height to put swicthes, etc. (Answer here)

What is the ideal starter welding rig? Just to try out for simple jobs. (Answer here)

Best guide for raising rabbits for food? (Answer here)

I’d like to set up a digital weather station in our yard and read the results in my office. Need a basic reliable unit. (Answer here)

I like the idea of using a chain saw mill to make big lumber from logs. Does anyone have a recommendation for the hardware? (Answer here)

Need a good source — book and website — for beginning a marine aquarium. (Answer here)

I am in the market for RV-ish vehicle: a small thing I can sleep in and live on the road, but not a full-fledged RV. (Answer here)

My friend’s cabin needs a composting toilet. What’s the best off-the shelf unit? (Answer here)

Has anyone installed a backyard windmill with battery for electricity? (Answer here)

Now with eBay is there any point to government surplus? Are surplus auctions worthwhile? (Answer here)

Can anyone point me to great advice for using junk yards these days? How it works, what not to do, etc.? (Answer here)

What’s the best guidebook for homemade backpacking food? (Answer here)

I need a good but inexpensive respirator for solvents you’d use while finishing wood. (Answer here)

Looking for recommendations on learning primitive skills, like making a bow and animal traps. Youtube? DVDs? Website? Book? Workshop? (Answer here)

Is Troybuilt still the best garden tiller? Any reputable and cheaper alternatives that you’ve used? (Answer here)

What’s the best deal for soft-pellet guns? (Answer here)

Where should I go for advice about how to lobby state or federal legislators (responsibly)? (Answer here)

Is there a “world’s best” garden shovel? (Answer here)

-- KK 11/26/12

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