Cheap Iced Tea Spoons


Semi-disposable long handle spoons

Years ago I bought a box of long-handled iced tea spoons at a local restaurant supply store. They were quite inexpensive, about $5 for two dozen. These spoons have all kinds of uses in the kitchen. The handles are about two inches longer than a typical teaspoon, so they’re great for stirring tall drinks, picking olives or cherries out of a jar or for getting that last bit of peanut butter. And because they are so cheap, you can pack one in your kid’s lunchbox and not worry if they lose it. At under 25 cents each they are semi-disposable, so they have plenty of uses in the rest of the house as well. I’ve used them to stir medicine into dogfood, to scoop lithium grease from a jar, and to mix herbicides for the lawn. But by far, they are most useful for tasting as you are cooking. They come in a box of 24 and are so easy to clean you can use a fresh spoon for each time you taste. No more having to wash after each sample, or worse, using the same spoon over and over. Just toss each one in the sink after you use it and later wash them all at once. The long handle is also safer then a regular teaspoon for reaching into a hot saucepan. You can get cheap long-handled spoons at just about any restaurant supply store and they are available at Sam’s Club.

-- Captain Packrat 01/5/17