Heavy Duty Entry Mat


Durable entrance mats

We live and work on a farm so every entryway is a dirt funnel. We have found a cost effective solution — a rug made by Apache Mills. I have used these mats for over a year now. They are unusual in my experience with recycled materials. The underside of the mat looks like crumb rubber that has been bonded together. The topside is what is very different. It has an appealing geometric design and tan color, but it’s big deal is that the rug feels comfy to my feet. They make great entry rugs for showers. They absorb water and then wick it off of the cloth-like top. Because we live on a farm, we need rugs that are big enough to provide a transition space for removing boots. The rugs need to be easily vacuumed (they are) and washable. They get really dirty so I just take them outside and use a pressure washer to clean them. They are tough enough to take it and they dry very quickly in the sun. One of the weirdest benefits for us has been that in the past year our cats have not peed on them. They have peed on every other kind of rug we have ever owned, but not these.

-- Terry Elliott 01/4/17