Cutco’s Table Knife


Sharp, door-to-door knives

Killer new grill, Montreal steak seasoning, luscious thick steaks. What was amazing to me? That I hadn’t thought ’til then to consider Cutco’s “Table Knife” a Cool Tool.

What must be 20 years ago, Honeypie said to me, “The Cutco person’s coming over tonight.” No clue what that meant, but after a little discussion I put fresh, badass edges on our set of excellent kitchen knives.

Our visitor: “Here, cut this piece of sisal rope with your knife.” I sawed with my Chef’s knife and finally had a shiny crisp end. “Now try the Cutco.” Zip zip, through! Huh, I didn’t expect this…

“Cut this piece of leather with your steak knife.” Our steak knives at the time weren’t good, and it was an embarrassing struggle. Then the “Try this” and another zip, zip gave a good clean cut.

I was absolutely amazed and we bought a set. And all this time later, they’re still amazing. We could ship them back for free sharpening – but we’re still using the original edges, and they still glide through all sorts of meat with ease.

Cutco’s Double-D edges are the thing. We love them.

-- Wayne Ruffner 08/21/12

(Note: My family has owned Cutco knives since I was a kid (I've got the cuts to provei it), and we've only had positive experiences with their products and support. With that ind mind, before you order you might check around to see if any of your friends or their children are working for Cutco as I'm sure they would appreciate the commission.--OH — editors)