Nelson Quick Hose Connectors


Brass outlives plastic

This review is a replacement for the previously reviewed plastic Melnor Quick Connects.  I did not write that review, but these brass connectors are MUCH better than the plastic ones.

These little brass hose connectors make the job of attaching and detaching hoses quick and simple. You pull the collar back on the female connector, and insert the male connector, and you’re ready to roll. Really, it just takes a second or two to provide a secure, leak-proof connection. There are several brands of cheap plastic connectors out there, but these brass ones will last a lifetime. I have a number of them that are 10+ years old, and they work amazingly well. I attach these to everything hose-related: faucets, both ends of the hoses, and all the attachments, and they save me a lot of time and annoyance.

There are two drawbacks to these connectors: people unfamiliar with them will unscrew the whole set up, so if you have handymen, contractors, or yard men who are going to deal with your hoses, you’ll need to explain how they work. The second is that they’re easily lost and misplaced.  Even though these connectors are easily lost, they’re so long-lasting and sturdy that when they turn up again, they’ll work perfectly!

-- Amy Thomson 08/20/12

(Note: For those with multiple hoses Amazon also sells the male component on its own.--OH — editors)