Simple, fun, poetic card game

Dixit is a “party game” (best played with 5 or more), and consists of a series of wordless cards with beautiful, evocative, and sometimes surreal images. You take turns being the “storyteller,” and saying a word or phrase that evokes (but does not describe) one of your cards, which you place face-down in the center. The other players add cards which might also fit that phrase, and add them to the face-down pile. After shuffling the cards, everyone votes on which card was the storyteller’s. If everyone (or no one) guesses the storyteller’s card, the storyteller doesn’t earn points — so you need to be enigmatic, but not obscure. You also earn points if you guessed the storyteller’s card, or if your card fooled another player.

There are several reasons why Dixit is a great game. It’s simple without being simplistic. It’s beautiful — not just because the cards are beautiful, but because the way people describe and interpret the cards can be poetic. And, while not a “cooperative” game (that’s a whole different class of games), Dixit is one of those games that brings people together. Even if you’ve lost, you’ll feel like you’ve been on a fascinating (and fun!) journey.

— Mike Everett-Lane

Another vote for Dixit. The artwork on the cards is amazingly varied and imaginative. One person will see several ideas on one card. Several people will see dozens and dozens of things on the same card. And sometimes nobody will see what you’ve seen. It’s astonishing to see the game being played.

You can get the base game, and then other decks of cards or related games (Dixit Odyssey) for more cards. The only downside is if you play it a lot, you’ll get familiar with the pictures, but you’d really have to play it tons to get bored with them. Very good value, great with adults.

— BM York


(There are several expansion packs available for those that play a lot!--OH — editors)