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Useful Gifts for the Photographer

Help friends take better snaps this holiday season


The move toward digital cameras without optical viewfinders have left many photographers frustrated, either with glaring sun or imperfect vision. The Clearviewer is a clever, affordable solution which uses a small lens to magnify the screen for easy viewing.

Available from Clearviewer


Light: Science and Magic

Often the best tool to improve your photography is not a new camera or an accessory, but knowledge (coupled with practice). This text is unique in that it doesn’t teach you how to use a camera, instead focusing on how to manipulate and control light with artistic intent.

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[Note: A great accessory for those interest in lighting is the previously reviewed Calumet Multi Clip.–OH]


Domke Camera Bag

In today’s high tech world canvas is often overlooked for newer fabrics. Yet, these Domke bags remain tried and true in the world of photojournalism. The classic design is discreet, easy to use, and tough. And they only look better with use.
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Fuji Instax Wide

The demise of Polaroid left photographers with few options. Luckily, Fuji stepped up with the Instax camera which produces gorgeous, analog prints in a heartbeat. I recently used one at my wedding to take pictures of all the guests for our guestbook. It’s easy to use, produces great results, and is affordable at $1 a shot. It’s especially wonderful to watch kids witness the exposure appear before their eyes.

$160 for camera and 100 exposures
$60 for camera only

Available from Amazon


Black Rapid RS4 Camera Strap
In the world of camera straps Black Rapid has emerged as a leader in ergonomic straps. With a unique connection that relies on the tripod mount, and a sliding buckle that allows for rapid use, Black Rapid straps are a great gift for any photographer looking to improve how they carry their camera.

[Note: For those with smaller point and shoots like the Sony RX100, the $40 Black Rapid Snapr acts as a case and a strap. –OH]
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Costco Photo Center
As a photographer, the thing I know I should do more often is make big, beautiful prints. But for some reason I never seem to get around to it. A great gift for any photographer would be to take the initiative and get one of their favorite photos printed, and then framed. Your local Costco is an affordable option for high quality prints, and is my go to resource. –OH

20″x30″ print
Available from Costco


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