Etymotic’s ETY•COM


Cellphone headset for noisy conditions

I work in areas that are usually quite noisy, and using cell phones is inherent to getting things done. I’ve previously reported on the BluLink pilot’s grade Bluetooth headset – and it’s terrific.

But it’s also large and dang expensive. Other “noise managing” Bluetooth headsets have varying degrees of working, and none I’ve tried are close to satisfactory. Plus, they usually have inadequate batteries and die halfway through a work day.

Great alternative: The ETY•COM headset is wired (no batteries), small, light and inexpensive. And its “insert earphone” works well to block outside noise and its “close-talking directional microphone” limits noise too, especially with the foam windscreen on it.

I carry both the BluLink giant and the ETY•COM mini. They both work as intended (the big one’s the ultimate winner in audio quality), but the Etymotic model keeps almost $400 in your pocket – along with the headset – and gets things done almost as well.

It’s a good way to keep your sanity when using your cell in a noisy place.

-- Wayne Ruffner 10/24/12