Pilot’s BlueTooth Noise Control Headset


Keeps things quiet while connected

I work in a lot of data centers where the noise can be almost intolerable. My increasing tinnitus is probably a symptom of being in those places so much, and troubleshooting via cell phone is almost impossible, definitely supremely frustrating, with almost every headset I’ve tried, wired or BT.

So I found a Pilot’s-type headset with full Bluetooth profiles. It’s the Millennium Series with inline BluLink Adapter from Pilot-USA.

This thing is far from cheap and, of course, makes me look like a complete doof. But it plays music from my cell with terrific clarity and also lets me converse as if we’re in a private library. The BT implementation is excellent and gives the full features their due.

(Though my new phone – a Nexus S – currently won’t recognize the phone profile! I’m hoping ICS brings it to working status with this phone, so, fair warning!)

As expensive as this is, it’s about half the price of the Lightspeed Zulu or Bose A20 headsets. If you need this level of clarity, it’s a deal.

This headset provides by far the best phone experience I’ve had yet in seriously noisy environments.

-- Wayne Ruffner 02/27/12