Hamilton Beach Commercial Juicer


While some gadgets gather dust in our kitchen cupboards, this industrial-strength juicer remains on the counter. A glorified lever, it is the most efficient, easiest to clean, and most satisfying kitchen tool we own. The juicer boasts a simple design, few moving parts, and a removable cup to catch the drips. Unlike other juicers, it doesn’t spew flecks of fruit all over the wall; there’s no messy pulp to mop up; and the six-inch lever delivers steady power.

We bought ours two years ago and use it at least twice a week, depending on what citrus is in season. It works just as well and — with no motor to burn out — should continue working like a champ for some time. We also own a Black & Decker electric model (which now has a blown-out motor), a Juiceman Jr., a wooden hand reamer, and a little metal one you insert into a lemon just for a squeeze. The Hamilton remains our absolute favorite. In the dark winter months, when the backyard tree gives us lemons… well, you know.

Hamilton Beach Commercial Juicer

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Manufactured by Hamilton Beach