PlugGrip Outlet Installation Aid

Hands-off outlet repair

Anyone who has installed an outlet knows how hard it can be handling all those copper wires and the sharp edges. The PlugGrip has two three-prong plugs that literally plug right in. It fits snug, which allows you to maneuver the outlet to get the angle you want and saves your fingers the trouble. The hard plastic handle also works great for shoving the wires back in the wall when you’re done. I am scared to death of electricity, so I tried to hire an electrician to change all the outlets in the house. He couldn’t show up for about a week, though. I saw this product and decided to give it try. There are indicator lights on the inside of the handle that give you a sense of security. If an outlet is hot, the light turns orange, saving you the time of bringing out the circuit tester. A good tip is to plug the grip into the outlet and then turn off the power. When you return, you can be sure it is off because the lights should no longer be glowing. I was able to do about 25 outlets throughout the house much faster and definitely much cheaper than without. The electrician was going to charge $125, not including charges for the outlets and any other problems he claimed existed.

-- Mario Zamora 02/1/07

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