Ketch-All Multiple Catch Mousetrap


World's best mousetrap

I once had to get rid of a lot of mice. Standard mouse traps were too messy to reuse, but too expensive just throw out. Have-a-heart traps were too finicky, and traps were too cruel. Finally, I found the proverbial better mouse trap: a wind-up repeating trap. No bait required. Just put it two inches from the wall and for some reason the mice climb right in. A spring loaded trap door flips them into a little chamber, and they call their friends to join them. One trap catches ten a night, and the mice don’t seem to mind at all. The one I used is the Trap Man, sold as the Ketch-All in the US.

(Of course, it does leave you with the problem of what to do with a daily box of live mice.)

-- Danny Hillis 02/10/04

(One mouse seen is many mice hidden. This is a pretty good tutorial on live mouse traps. — editors)