General Purpose Tools

Leica Disto 2 Laser Distance Measurer


Laser based measuring tool

The Leica DISTO 2 allows me to measure accurately from about 1/16 inches to about 197 feet. It can calculate from the measurement, as appropriate, the area or volume. It also has the ability using the Pythagorean theorem to calculate indirect lengths.

The small size, in inches, (4.4L x 0.9D x 2.2W) is conveniently to carry and use. The accuracy requires a steady hand but tool quickly obtains a measurement.

I use the D2 for my construction projects and find it helpful in my photography in setting the aperture to get the depth of field I want.

The combination of small size, accuracy, ease of use and low price is not matched to my knowledge.

-- Walter Smith 10/28/10

(Note: This tool replaces the previously reviewed and no longer available Tru-Laser Distance Measurer.-- OH — editors)