EasyBloom Plant Sensor Plus

Plant and soil data tracking tool

I love to garden, but I have a hard time figuring out whether a particular spot is ideal for a particular plant. I recently discovered the EasyBloom, a tool that when staked into the ground tracks data for sunlight, humidity, soil drainage, temperature, and, for an added monthly fee, soil fertility.

By tracking these variables the tool is capable of identifying whether an environment is suitable for a particular species of plant. It can be used to analyze why a plant is not doing well, and even alert you when the plant needs water. It functions indoors and outdoors. I have used it multiple times and it has saved me time and money, since I now know what to plant where.

The EasyBloom connects to the computer via USB and includes software to analyze the data that it produces.

-- Erin Boyle 11/1/10

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