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Sturdy and Versatile Nylon Webbing Loops

I started doing bodyweight exercises at home. The pull-up bar I purchased came with handles that I wanted to adapt for other exercises (like “Let Me Ins” around a post, or “Towel Curls”). I didn’t trust my knot-tying ability, and all the rope rated to my weight was bulky. I knew nylon webbing was very strong and so was looking for solidly sewn loops of nylon webbing that could hold my weight.

Thus I came across nylon runners (or “slings”) meant for climbing. These are a loop of nylon webbing with a sturdy dogbone stitch. They are made to support even a falling climber and their gear. They come in a number of sizes (and colors). I use the 30cm runners to loop through my handle ends, then a climbing carabiner to connect these to either the 60cm runner for some exercises (Let Me Ins) and the 120cm runner for other exercises (Towel Curls). I have also successfully hung my pull-up bar from existing holes in the main floor joists in my basement, precluding the adaptation/installation of the provided mounting hardware. Recently, I used two of the 30 cm runners to loop onto my motorcycle front fork to connect to ratcheting tie downs in order to hold the bike upright for beginning of season maintenance (oil change, etc.).

In addition to my uses, other reviews of this product have pointed out a number of great uses for these runners: they can be used in all kinds of load-bearing/load-redirecting uses. One example is to provide a soft-but-strong attachment point for tie downs to a motorcycle or other cargo for transportation. This is a truly versatile, simple, and cool tool.

-- Mike Braden 04/5/13


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