EcoGlow Chick Brooder


Adjustable Heater for Raising Poultry

We bought this brooder last year after starting with the standard red heat bulb and metal reflector. We had some questions and problems with it:

  • How high do I have to hang the bulb? The answer is “low enough to keep them warm.” That height changes every few days to a week. Companies sell tripod like devices to hold these lights.
  • How long do I need to use the light? Until the chicks no longer need it. Again something you have to learn from observation and watching a thermometer.
  • We were raising our chicks in a cardboard box in the house. The light (which was on 24/7) was annoying. The heat was even worse. Plus we have two young children so we had to watch them to ensure they did not burn themselves.

The EcoGlow Brooder solved all of these issues. You set the height to allow the chicks to fit under it comfortably. As they get taller you just remove the legs and then move it up a notch and reattach them. Easy and obvious. When the chicks stop hanging out under the brooder they no longer need it. Again, simple and obvious. There is no garish light and it is impossible for the kids to hurt themselves since the device is cool to the touch everywhere but the area where the chicks are. It also uses less power than the typical 150-Watt bulb based brooder.

When it came time to store the device I first cleaned it and popped off the legs. Then I stuck it in a box on the shelf with the rest of our supplies where it quietly awaits the next batch of chicks. No need to worry about broken bulbs.

Yes, there are negatives, but they are minor. As the chicks age you have to clean the device. They will eventually perch on it and will do what chickens do. No big deal — you just unplug it and wipe it down with a bleach wipe. Despite the word “Glow” in the name this device does not emit light so you will likely need some form of light unless you have a window handy. But any old light will do and it only needs to be on a few hours a day. It can be a little hard to see the chicks huddled under the brooder but we never found it to be an issue.

Like other Brinsea products this one is a little expensive. We feel it paid for itself in convenience and long term usefulness.

-- Sean Perry 04/3/13