OneBlade hybrid electric trimmer and shaver


Shaves to any length

I first learned about the OneBlade on the Lifehacker blog last year. It caught my attention because shaving has always been a bit of chore for me and I kept looking for something better. I’ve had an electric razor for quick shaves but I had to be careful to avoid “razor burn” irritation on my throat.

I’ve also used various multi-blade razors with shaving cream; I got a better shave but it took longer and required cleaning up. I retired 4 years ago and shaving changed to a once or twice a week activity that included a longer beard to cut off. The electric couldn’t do it well and the multi-blade razors would clog up.

The OneBlade cuts close to the skin and doesn’t require shaving cream. I can shave with or against the grain. The shave is almost as close as a razor; you can’t see the difference and can only feel it by rubbing your face. It includes trimming combs that fit on the blade holding it away from your face to leave a short beard of fixed lengths; I don’t use them.

Six months later I’m still using the original blade; only using it once or twice a week probably contributes to the long life. Close shave, quick shave, easy to use, little or no cleanup; what’s not to like?

-- Russel Brooks 06/8/17