Oregon Scientific Projection Clock


Time on the ceiling

Sleep-deprived nursing mothers need to be aware of time, specifically when a middle-of-the-night feeding begins and how long it lasts. Projection clocks make keeping track of time easier. Another mother told me about these clocks, and I bought one for each of the rooms I spent late-night/early-morning dazed hours with my newborn daughter.

Like the previously reviewed Analog Atomic Wall Clock, this is an atomic self-setting timekeeper, so Daylight Saving changes occur automatically. While the clock’s face is visible from a fair distance, the unobtrusive projected red readout measures about 10 inches across when the clock';s placed at a distance of about 6 feet from the ceiling, so it’s legible from any point in a small- to medium-sized room. It doesn’t, however, show up at all in a bright room. Oregon Scientific makes a projection clock that’s bright enough to read during daylight hours, but it costs significantly more.

Projection aside, Oregon Scientific’s Projection Clock functions reliably as a user-friendly and intuitively simple alarm clock. It also displays room temperature. My daughter’s older now and I’m no longer nursing, but I still enjoy being able to just open my eyes in bed and see the time displayed on the ceiling, without having to roll over or contort my neck or body in any way to check the clock.

-- Bryn MacKinnon 10/7/09