Oven Rack Guard


Protection against burns from touching hot oven racks

My wife has had a cookie baking business for almost five years. Whether she was baking in a rental commercial kitchen (very expensive to rent) or baking at home with a cottage license, once or twice a week she would show me a new burn on her arm or hand from the oven racks.

Since I’m in a big city (Los Angeles) I went to a couple of different cooking stores and talked to sales people who, almost universally, recommended the silicone strips for protection. Wrong. They protect your arm from a “bad” burn but they’re still pretty hot. After doing my due diligence on the web I ran across the Jaz Oven Rack Guards. I decided to give them a try and gave them to my wife for Christmas last year. What a huge difference! Since installing them she has not had one serious burn.

They seem to be made of an asbestos-like material, similar to Nomex or Proban, but for the price I doubt if they’re using the real deal [Manufacturer says they are made from Made from DuPont Nomex – MF]. Nonetheless, they have held up very well, considering how much she uses the double ovens. I’m giving her a new set this year, but I would bet under normal home use they would last for several years before needing replacement. They’re only slightly more expensive than the silicone strips, but I’ll pay the difference in a heartbeat for the extra protection.

-- Jim Leedom 02/7/17