96 Gallon Super Big Mouth Trash Bags


Made specifically to fit roll-out trash carts

Have been using this trash bag over the last 3 holiday seasons (3 years) to bag and get rid of our Christmas tree. I really hate the ones they sell in hardware stores and supermarkets (the “Christmas tree bags”) which are usually made of thin plastic. They never hold up, are hard to get over the tree, and usually are torn in places before you even have the bag fully over the tree. So, I searched for heavy duty trashbag and this fits the bill and works to a tee. It’s got a huge opening so it’s easy to slip over the widest part of the tree. (I’ve bagged 7+ foot trees with this product.) And the plastic is thick (3ml) and holds without snagging on the branches. I’ve dragged it down 5 flights of stairs in our old Brooklyn apartment and it held strong all the way to the sidewalk. Amazon sells it in a three pack. I usually use up two per three, bagging from the top and then from the bottom (to catch the tree sap). The large elastic bands are a bonus.

-- Benjamin de la Pena 02/6/17