Autonomous Motion

Pathfinder Bike Trailer


Assist for kids for long rides

I love bicycling, but it is tricky with kids 5-10: too old for bike seats, too young for tandems (which are also expensive). For $90 the Pathfinder Bike Trailer provides a way to bring the kids along, give them exercise, and be able to talk with them during the trip. Because I have three kids, we hook a Burley Trailer to the Pathfinder so someone can rest on long trips. Alternately the older one rides on a tandem with me or my wife. This device turns bicycling into a group activity and has instilled a lifetime love of bicycling in my kids.

-- James Tierney 06/17/05

(This device is no longer being manufactured. Some used and "like new" models are available for ~$150 via Amazon. However, we recommend the more recently-reviewed Trail-Gator. -- SL — editors)