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LiquiSeal Travel Mug


Quick-sealing thermos mug

I had been looking for this travel mug for ages. I like to be able to toss a mug into the side pocket of my bag, but still easily grab a sip. Most travel mugs have openings in the top, making the bag-toss impossible and the bus ride extremely messy. Most Thermos-type mugs solve this with an actual closed top, but it’s hard to just take a quick sip in class without going through the rigamarole of unscrewing all the parts. This mug solves all of those problems. It keeps a beverage warm or cold for a decent amount of time, there are no tops to unscrew and drop, and there is no spill. I’ve recommended it to all of my fellow grad students.

— Stefibles

OXO Good Grips LiquiSeal Travel Mug
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