Peltor Digital WorkTunes Radio Earmuff


Protective AM/FM headphones

iPods are great except for those of us who are required to have hearing protection at work. I’m a Highway Safety Consultant and still do construction. This is the only radio earmuff I have found that has hearing protection and digital tuning. Unlike standard noise-reducing headphones, these provide actual hearing protection from loud noises (the noise reduction rating is advertised as 26 dB). I have owned other radio earmuff models but when you “bump” the channel selector you lose your station. Since this one’s digital, I can program the presets. Now I tune in, save my favorite channels, and flip between them. So far I’ve been using mine at work with a patch cord for the iPod, however, I am going to buy an FM modulator for the iPod so I can go wireless.

-- Scott Newton 02/22/08