Groom Mate Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer


Analog nasal fuzz remover

I’ve tried a number of battery-operated nose hair trimmers hoping one of them would last, be easy to clean, and remain sharp. Every one of them failed. This stainless steel trimmer is simplicity itself! No whirring motors, wimpy foil blades, batteries or delicate electronics. It costs a little more than some electric models but works elegantly and reliably. I also like the fact it is so compact I can sanitize the entire unit in the occasional alcohol bath. I always thought trimmers had to work at high speed to deliver a comfortable and painless cut. With this device, you simply stick the unit an 1/8-inch up your nose and rotate the shaft back and forth. The first time I used it I realized I had more control. Because it works so well, isn’t a hassle to use and is so easy to clean, I’ve adopted an early strike policy. After more than six months of regular use, I haven’t noticed any dulling. Regardless, the manufacturer guarantees it for life.

-- Ray Grabowski 02/21/08