Peltor Kid Earmuffs


Noise blockers for kids

My 14 month-old daughter has been wearing these noise-reducing headphones for 9 months, give or take, ever since a friend in Norway sent us a pair (they’re made in England). As a touring musician and the owner of a record label, I go to a lot of shows. Now not only can we hang out together, but my daughter’s even performed with me. She loves the earmuffs, or seems to. She hates hats, but whenever we put these on — even at home where it’s quiet — she doesn’t want to take them off. They seem comfortable (they fit kids up to 7 years old). I also trust my kid’s ears are safe because she freaks out over noises and things normally, but doesn’t at all when she’s at a show wearing these. Plus, in my travels, I’ve a seen a lot of kids wearing these exact earmuffs.

-- Syd Butler 12/10/07