Quantified Self Tool Contest


Self-trackers use tools like body weight scales to record and examine their lives in numbers. Recent developments in self-tracking technology has encouraged a renaissance of personal science and experimentation; all kinds of personal dimensions can be tracked — from mood, to sleep, to location, etc. Those pioneers figuring out how to quantify their life are part of the Quantified Self movement, tracked by our sister site, Quantified Self. The first Quantified Self Conference will take place in a few weeks and it promises to be a seminal event.

Although the Conference (May 28 and 29, in Mountain View, CA) is almost sold out, Cool Tools will award one free ticket (valued at $399) as a prize this coming week for the best suggestion of a quantified self-tracking tool.

In particular, we are looking for the best self-tracking hardware (we will still accept reviews of software but you are going to have to really convince us why it’s better than the copious competition). For inspiration, the following is a list of potential reviews we would be interested in: Ant+ enabled scales or tools, a better calorie counter, a wireless vitals monitor, an improved sleep tracker, an updated energy consumption monitor, productivity tools, etc.

If you don’t have any self-tracking tools to review but are still interested in winning a ticket to the conference send us a review of a tool you think should qualify you and explain why.

As usual, we are looking for the following in a review:

1) a succinct narrative description of what the tool/tip/fix is,
2) how it changed your behavior,
3) why Cool Tools should run it,
4) why it is superior, and
5) why we should believe you.

Submissions will be accepted for one week until Friday, May 20th. Reviews can be submitted through email to editor@cool-tools.org or through this link.

— Oliver Hulland, Editor, Cool Tools