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Off-the-grid store

A good source for reliable off-the-grid appliances is Real Goods. Located in the hippy heartland of northern California where many folks live year-round off-the-grid, this store has been selling highly selected solar and eco-friendly gear since 1978. It’s good place to get 12-volt freezers, refrigerators and solar well pumps.

-- KK 07/27/13



Solar Well Pump Kit - 100' Depth
Price: $2,199

Our basic solar well pump system can be submerged up to 100 feet underwater with a total of 230 feet of lift, giving an additional 130 feet of lift out of the well, ideal for pumping to elevated watertanks without the use of booster pumps. This system contains everything you need to ditch the noise and costs of the generator.

The Shurflo pump is 100% field servicable, and we offer a full line or replacement parts from gaskets to motors.

The following items are included with this kit:

1 Linear Current Booster 12/24 Volt DC, 7A, PPT 12/24-7
240 Submersible Pump Cable 10/2 Per Foot
1 SJE PumpMaster SPDT Float Switch
1 SHURflo 9300 24VDC Submersible Pump
1 MC4 PV Output Cable 15'
1 DP Custom Top Pole Mount
2 ET Solar 95w Polycrystalline Solar Panel ET-P63695
1 MidNite Solar 10A 150VDC Din Rail Mount Breaker MNEPV10
1 MidNite Solar Combiner Box MNPV3
2 PV Grounding Lug 980010