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Liberty Bottleworks Metal Water Bottle


Best metal water bottle

I have way too many water bottles. I think it’s because I’m always trying to find the right one. It wasn’t until I received a 16oz metal Liberty Bottleworks water bottle as a gift that I knew I had finally found the perfect water bottle. So perfect in fact, I ordered the 32oz and 24oz size from their website which claims “the only American made metal water bottle; 100% recycled aluminum; BPA free materials.”

Three things make this water bottle a stand out among all the others I have owned:

1) Cool 1/4 twist on/off locking cap seals up your water bottle tight and allows you to open up quickly to grab a drink or fill it up. You can also order a standard flip top “sport” cap with a straw.

2) One-of-a-kind artistic designs created by real artists with proceeds from each sale going to their favorite charity or non-profit. Their “straight up” series of bottles include colors like Shiraz, Flamingo and Lime or you can get a topo map as a design option on your bottle.

3) Create a custom design. The bottle I received as a gift was specially made with a logo from the university where I teach. You can submit your own custom graphic by uploading a PNG or GIF file to their website and they will imprint your design on a metal water bottle.

This Northwest company creates the most unique, eco-friendly, artist supporting, non-profit supporting, American made metal water bottle. It’s a solid design I have been using for several months that is rugged for day to day use when I throw my backpack on the ground or take it on a hike on the weekends. It’s functional and looks great.

-- Ken Pendergrass 07/26/13

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