SelectWisely Allergy & Emergency Translation Cards


Strongly-worded foreign alerts

These laminated cards display “strongly-worded” warnings (“I have a life-threatening allergy to XXX”) in a range of foreign languages and even pictures where possible. While I have not seen these cards in use (nor have I used them myself), they really make a ton of sense. I had a friend once who was allergic to soy. Even in the States getting people to believe and deal with the allergy was difficult. Made me appreciate the plight of people who suffer from food allergies.

SelectWisely also tailors basic cards in more than two dozen languages for more than three dozen food allergies, plus phrases for vegetarian, vegan, gluen-free, and lactose intolerance. A great and simple idea. Sure you could mimic this easily with a printer and laminator, but the prices are not outrageous.

-- Sean Perry 03/3/09