Living on the Road

Dandux Coal Bag

Industrial-strength canvas tote

Sometimes you just need to carry a lot of heavy stuff. For me it’s usually books, either to/from the library, booksale, or used bookstore. One of the best containers I’ve found for hauling hefty loads is the classic Dandux Coal Bag. Made by C.R. Daniels — known for their industrial trucks and carts, conveyor belts, outdoor gear, and even straitjackets — this canvas tote is rated to hold up to 95 pounds and was originally intended for carrying rock or machine parts. L. L. Bean Boat/Tote bags are equally as classic, and more widely available, but I’ve found they just don’t hold up like the Dandux ones. Some totes have slightly-longer handles, which lets you carry them over the shoulder. For me, being able to really load up the Dandux is worth having to carry it with your hands.

— James Hom

Dandux Coal Bag
Available from C.R. Daniels


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