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Sigg Aluminum Water Bottles


Non-plastic beverage containers

These bottles are a great solution for anyone looking to get away from plastic. In the last few years, studies have suggested that using plastic bottles may be harmful to your health. For instance, plastic bottles made of polycarbonate (#7 recycle code) contain a substance called bisphenol-A (BPA), which acts as an endocrine disrupter that mimics estrogen and has been linked to aneuploidy, adipogenesis, and other scary problems with funny names. Found in plastics with recycle codes 1-5, phthalates (the chemical that softens plastic) can be carcinogenic and act as endocrine disrupters, too. Even water standing at room temperature in a plastic bottle can leach phthalates from a bottle, not to mention a bottle that goes through temperature changes throughout a day.

Granted there’s been great debate over all these studies and whether the levels of leached phthalates in the average plastic bottle are really high enough to merit health concerns. Either way, just think about the toxic byproducts of plastic production: dioxin (a carcinogen) and plastic waste. Enormous amounts of plastic waste from all those bottles that aren’t recycled create equally enormous vortexes of plastic garbage in various oceans, where they wreak havoc on marine life. Moving away from plastic is healthier for the planet.

The Sigg bottles are just a tad heavier than their plastic counterparts. The water-based, polymer coating is taste-neutral and acid-resistant (think fruit juices), and guaranteed for the life of the bottle (5 years according to the manufacturer). They come in a variety of eye-catching designs and sizes. You can also purchase a variety of caps (i.e. the sport top) that increase the utility of the bottle for your specific needs.

-- Ari Cohn 03/6/07