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Walk-EZ Revolutions


Gripping ski boot attachments

These ski boot clip-ons are much easier to walk in than your average solid, rigid plastic ski boot base. Each one weighs a pound, and they have a thick, semi-flexible layer of rubber that gives you traction much like a pair of hiking boots (they actually grip on snow and ice much better than my Sorrels). The sole also cushions your foot as you step down, and another bonus is that they protect your ski boots from wear.

They are a bit tricky to put on. You flip a lever to attach and remove them to your ski boots. I find the lever works fine for removal, but when it comes to attaching I can’t always get it right. It’s not a huge deal, but something to know. I considered wearing sneakers and stashing them somewhere or putting them in a pack, but the Walk-EZ are a better solution: they come with a neat wire combination lock. When I get to the slopes, I just fold ‘em up, lock ‘em to the ski racks at the resort and pick ‘em up at the end of the day. Now that I’ve used these, I wouldn’t walk up to the ski lift without them. I looked high and low for something I could use to walk the half mile from my house to the ski run and struck out until my local outdoor shop gave these to me to try out. They make it a much more comfortable journey, and I will absolutely buy a pair of my own when I give them back to my local store.

-- Carl Myhill 03/5/07

(This product is no longer being manufactured and is in limited supply. If you have used or know of any product that is similar, please let us know in the comments below or via the submit page. -- SL — editors)