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img 05/24/07

NeverScrub Self-Cleaning Toilet System

Autonomous attachment tidies bowls

img 02/13/07

Waterfall Soap Saver

Preserve soap & manage scum

img 01/24/07

BB-50 Natural Water Bio-Bidet

Bathroom Hygiene Attachment

img 12/6/06


Bedwetting solution

img 10/27/06

Jet Swet

Solder pipes without draining

img 04/4/06

Toilet Lid Sink

A Sink in the Top of your Toilet

img 02/3/06


Toothbrush Sterilizer

img 12/5/05

Diaper Free Baby

How to toilet-train before two

img 03/16/04

Dental Mirror

Essential mouth tool

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