Living on the Road

Col. Ichabod Conk Shaving Soap


TSA-safe travel shave soap

After receiving some nasty shaving lotion in a foil package at a hotel, I went on a quest for a travel shave soap I wouldn’t have to declare as liquid or gel at airport security. This soap comes inside a hinged, clear plastic container. Pack it wet or dry the soap off first with a towel or piece of toilet paper/Kleenex — either way, you shouldn’t have any water/dampness issues in your luggage, as it seals well. The soap foams up a little when you get it nice and wet, seemingly a bit more than regular soap. Based on my usage, I’d say it’s good for at least 25 shaves (at the rate I seem to travel that should do it for life). Though ease of carry-on was my initial criterion, the quality of the shave, price, expected lifespan of the product, and the functionality of the packaging make this a great option. Bonus: it smells really good (I use the lime version).

— Joseph Stirt

The soap lasts *hundreds* of shaves from my experience. I’ve tried all the flavours, but prefer the Amber and Bay Rum. I use these at home, a couple or three times a week. The tubs are all over a year old; the Amber is in its second year and is only now down to the bottom of the container. Of course, if one’s making enough lather to shave a ship of sailors, it’s not going to last as long.

— David Priest


(Please note the Amazonian shipping price; best deal is to stock up on several at once or go in with some friends. -- SL — editors)