Tag: Lighting

img 11/21/17

LED Rechargeable Solar Task Light

Bright, durable solar rechargeable LED camping and task light

img 04/11/17

Finally Light Bulb

Light bulb with the same warmth as an incandescent bulb

img 01/8/16

Better Fluorescent Lights

Electronic ballasts and T8 Lamps

img 07/7/13

Cree 9.5 watt LED light bulb

60 Watt equivalent dimmable LED bulb

img 06/22/13

The Book of Non-Electric Lighting

Best guide to safe use of flame-based illumination

img 04/24/13

Lutron AuroRa Wireless Lighting Control System

Control lighting with wireless remotes

img 04/18/13

Portable LED Light Flute

Battery-Powered Light Fixture