Finally Light Bulb


Light bulb with the same warmth as an incandescent bulb

[UPDATE: this bulb was incorrectly described as LED. It is not. It’s fluorescent. – MF]

I can’t remember where I heard about the Finally Light Bulb, but I bought one and then a bunch more. The light quality is outstanding and the bulbs has a very slightly pinkish hue without being overly pink. Most people look better in somewhat warmer or pinker lights, and this one is highly flattering. I use the 100w-equivalent versions, so I can’t speak to the to the lower-brightness bulbs. You can see a picture of it below.

I set the color temp of the image to 5000K. Still, depending on how your monitor is calibrated and whether you’re running software like F.lux, you may not be able to tell how the light really works. I ordered directly from the manufacturer. Do note that these bulbs are a bit more expensive than standard LED bulbs with a white or blue hue.


-- Jake Seliger 04/11/17

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