The Best In Tent Camping Series


Car camping guides

This is the guide for people who want great camping without hours/days of hiking to the site, or conversely, noisy, overdeveloped, and overcrowded conditions. Most other books I’ve seen are geared for the more hardcore 15-mile pack-in/pack-out backpacker types, or for the RV crowd. Many of the recommendations prove that being able to drive your car to within reasonable walking distance of the site does not preclude a remote wilderness experience.

Editions for Oregon and Washington state have great reviews of 50 campgrounds per state. Campsites are rated for scenic beauty, security, privacy, quiet, etc. These books take the guesswork out of picking a campground in general, and a specific campsite in particular. There are decent campground/site maps, and recommendations for nearby trails and activities. I’ve only used them for two years, but they haven’t steered me wrong on 4 trips. The book is available for many states and regions. I’ll be ordering the Northern California edition soon to explore around Shasta this summer.

-- J. Kell 05/20/10