Reusable filtered water bottle

The Bobble is a personal water bottle that holds 18.5 ounces of tapwater and filters out chlorine and other contaminants as you drink. I love fresh clean water and have gotten tired of the expense and inconvenience of taking bottled water with me when I’m out and about. Recently, the Bobble came to my attention and when the company offered a two-for-one special for Earth Day, I broke down and ordered six for my family. Well, we’ve had them for just over a week and I must say that these do a fine job of providing great tasting filtered water. I’ve used the Brita system for years, but still drank bottled water. The Bobble has changed that. The water coming out is fresh, clean with no plasticky taste at all. I take mine with me wherever I go.

At the business end is a carbon based filter that does all the work. All you do is fill the bottle with water and squeeze.The filter lasts for 300 bottles and needs to be replaced roughly every two months. The filters are available separately. The bottle itself is BPA free and the plastic is thick and quite squeezable . My guess is it should last quite a while. While it isn’t dishwasher safe, some mildly soapy water and a little agitation and thorough rinse should do the trick.

The Bobble is also a good idea environmentally speaking. As the Bobble website notes, 1.5 million barrels of oil are used annually to make plastic water bottles, most of which are then casually discarded. We had been buying bottled water. Looks like now we’ll be drinking from our Bobbles.

-- Jeff Bragg 05/21/10

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