Thinking Putty


Enhanced silly putty

A short while back the patent on Silly Putty expired. Crazy Aaron
takes the basic recipe of this childhood favorite and adds all sort
of colors and effects including temperature based color change. Now
instead of a little ball of Silly Putty, I have a big ol’ fistful of
Thinking Putty. Great exercise for guitar players, a great stress
reliever and a good way to get people thinking at a meeting. The
website is a lot of fun – shows what happens when you whack putty
with a hammer. (It shatters.) Comes in a variety of sizes and I give
it away as a unique, inexpensive gift item to friends and business
associates. Their customer service is outstanding as well.

— Bob Cooper

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty
$9/ one fifth pound (90g)
Putty World